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Relief and and wellness begin here at Bozeman Family Chiropractic!

Dr. Philip Aumann Bozeman Chiropractor

Dr. Philip Aumann

At Bozeman Family Chiropractic, we help patients both young and old, with the use of chiropractic techniques. The best part is that chiropractic is natural, safe and effective! Whether you seek relief from pain, or are just trying to maintain optimum health, chiropractic can help your body work properly!

In addition, we offer massage therapy to compliment your chiropractic care. We want to offer you the tools you need to find relief and wellness. Explore our website to find out chiropractic care can help you!

The Bozeman Family Chiropractic team is ready to help you achieve your goals!

Are you ready to get started with chiropractic care? Give Bozeman Family Chiropractic a call! We are ready to help you just as we have our Bozeman, Belgrade and Livingston patients! Call our Bozeman chiropractic office today!

Dr. Steven Blair Bozeman Chiropractor

Dr. Steven Blair, Bozeman Chiropractor

Introducing Dr. Steven Blair!

We are pleased to welcome Dr. Steven Blair to Bozeman Family Chiropractic. Dr. Blair provides evidence informed care that is driven by research and science. To augment traditional chiropractic care, Dr. Blair provides injury rehabilitation, trigger point and targeted therapeutic muscle work, stretching, exercises, postural recommendations, nutritional counseling and, when indicated, referrals to other health care providers.

Dr. Blair is a participating/preferred provider for Medicare and several other health insurance groups.

To improve our service to you, our hours have also been expanded.

univeraClick here to learn more about how you can experience renewal and improve your health.

Services Offered At Our Bozeman Chiropractic Office:
Chiropractic | Massage Therapy

Dr. Philip Aumann | Bozeman Chiropractor | Phone: (406) 586-5252