Chiropractic Testimonials

"I saw Dr Aumann for radiating pain and numbness in my leg and foot. Having never accessed chiropractic care before, I was unsure what to expect. However, the initial exam was very thorough and Dr Aumann outlined a course of treatment that he thought could alleviate my symptoms in addition to positively impacting other issues with back pain. After 4 weeks, the leg pain and foot numbness are gone, back pain is significantly reduced and I am sleeping comfortably again. I have received excellent care and highly recommend Dr Aumann. Sharon (at the front desk) is a joy to work with – kind, courteous and very helpful! Thank you both."

- Sandra S.

"I cannot say enough about the successful treatment I have experienced at Bozeman Family Chiropractic. Within a few weeks, I have gone from basically being a total mess to feeling great again. My husband and I both see Dr. Aumann and highly recommend him for your Chiropractic care. Sharon at the front desk is very helpful and welcoming."

- Carol B.

"I am so happy I decided to go to Bozeman Family Chiropractic! Dr. Aumann was very gentle, patient, and knowledgeable. He walked me through everything he was about to do with complete scientific accuracy which made me feel very comfortable and confident in my choice of care throughout the experience. He even gave me instructions for exercises to expedite my healing, which is something many offices will charge extra for. Additionally, his receptionist is a pleasure to speak with and is always willing to accommodate my ever-changing schedule. I highly recommend this practice!"

- Stephanie S.

“I had severe pain in my foot. It would hurt running and even to walk. My friend suggested that I see Dr. Aumann. He told me that the bones had shifted from rolling my ankle and that he could help me. After just a couple of visits the pain subsided. After about a month the pain was completely gone. My foot feels fine while jogging and walking around at work for several hours a day. I would suggest anyone with foot or extremity pain to visit Dr. Aumann and see what he can do for you. I am now a believer in chiropractic care!”

- Sarah R.

“Moving heavy object for work and had developed lower back pain. Pain was bad enough I couldn’t hardly bend over. Started seeing Dr. Aumann and he has relieved all back pain and it remains that way with regular visits. Thanks Bozeman Family Chiropractic!"

- Luke K.

“Alternative health care and long term health care are important to me. Both can be accomplished through chiropractic care. Winter flu and summer colds are non-existent in my life and I believe it is in part the chiropractic care I receive from Dr. Aumann and Bozeman Family Chiropractic.”

- Pam B.

“I used to think living with 4 headaches a week was normal. After just 1 month of treatment, I was amazed at what I put myself through. Now my headaches are almost completely gone and I feel so much better. I am glad that I gave chiropractic care a chance.”

- Keith R.

“I’ve been going to chiropractors for years and Bozeman Family Chiropractic is the best so far. Dr. Aumann deals with your trouble areas but also always checks the alignment of your whole body. The staff is friendly and personable. I would highly recommend Bozeman Familiy Chiropractic.”

- Heather B.

“I started coming in April with a lot of neck pain, headaches and dizziness. After a few months of care I am 90% better. Neck pain and headaches are about gone and the dizziness is completely gone. I also had bad knee pain that is also completely gone. I am very grateful and a lot happier.”

- Steffanie M.

“My experience with Dr. Aumann has been awesome. I came in with waking up with headaches every day and now they are gone. Had the starting of carpal tunnel in my wrist, with the adjustment the pain is very rarely there. I feel great now. My pains in my back is now gone. I would highly recommend Dr. Aumann to anyone in this kind of pain for treatment.”

- Treva J.

“The care I have received at Bozeman Family Chiropractic has been exceptional! I started seeing Dr. Aumann after I was in a car accident back in March of this year. He has been able to relieve my pain and I am now able to live a pain free life. I would highly recommend him to anyone who would like quality, personal care.”

- Rachel W.

"Thank you for a great treatment! The best chiropractic care that I’ve received to date!"

- K.T. H.

"Very gentle, careful of concerns, truthful and made a reasonable plan for me."

- Betsy M.

"I was very impressed with treatment I got."

- Stacey L.

"I highly recommend Bozeman Family Chiropractic for all and any chiropractic one may need."

- Earl F.

"Best chiropractic visit ever. Most just get you in and out and don’t listen. Dr. Aumann listened and recommended a regime that has helped me to improve ever since my first visit. He knows his stuff!"

- Gale G.

"I went to Dr. Phil and had immediate relief. I would highly recommend him to anyone."

- Andi L.

"Amazing staff, lovely people!! Helpful and knowledgeable practitioners, Dr. Phil did an amazing job fixing my shoulder. Thank you!"

- Rose D.

"Thoroughly enjoyed my 1st visit. Looking forward to my next visit."

- Lisa C.

"Very accommodating to get an appointment and found everyone to be extremely friendly and helpful. Dr. Phil is wonderful. For a nervous first-time chiropractic visit, he really showed me I had nothing to fear!"

- Karen D.

"I always appreciate the great service I receive at Bozeman Family Chiropractic! I would recommend Dr. Phil to anyone looking for an efficient, experienced, Chiropractor."

- Natalie E.


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